Terms of sale

Terms of sale via the banking link

Owner of the webshop is Valga Romuring MTÜ (onwards the webshop, register code 80418529), Valga Romuring MTÜ legal address Vabaduse 9, Valga, Valga county, active address Saviaugu 18, Valga, Valga county.

Validity of the sales contract, price and product info

The sale conditions are valid for all the transactions made at the Webshop.

All prices are marked with the products.

Information about products can be found with the poducts at the webshop.

All prices are in euros, all transactions are made in euros.

Placing an oder

Place your itmes in the shoping cart, fill out the marked lines in the information bay. The total price will be shown on your screen. For payment please use the banking link.

The contract is valid, when the amount due for payment has arrived on the bank account of the Webshop. When the payment is confirmed, the name of the competitor will be added to the list of the other competitors and a comfirmation e-mail will be sent to the buyer.

If the service in question can’t be filled by the Webshop, the buyer will be notified as soon as possible. In circumstanses that fall beond the organisers reach or if the buyer drops out after payment has been recived by the Webshop, the money will not be refunded. But if the buyer wishes to he/she can present a medcal reason, confirmed by a medical proffessional on paper, not later than the 8thof September 17.00 o’clock, he/she can register for the next race half priced. The docors note can be emailed to info@valgaromuring.ee


The Webshop is responsible for the instructional clauses about the product.

The Webshop will refund the moneyin full to the buyer, if the product happens to be faulti.

All claims will be answered writen or in a written from in 15 days.

Direct marketing and prossecing presonal data.

The Webshop is responsible for working with personal data, in order to make payments, the webshop will transmit needed personal detiles to a autorized worker of Maksekeskus AS.

The Webshop uses personal data of its client (like name, phonenumber, address, e-mail, banking detiles) prudently.

Presented data is used only for the database of the competitors of Valga Romuring, they will not be give further to a third party. The start and finish protocols will display the first and last name of the competitor, club and where they are from. No other personal detiles will be public.

The Webshop will not sent offers or newslatter to the competitors e-mails.

Solving disputes

Any clamis against the webshop must be e-mailed to info@valgaromuring.ee or call +372 521 24285

If the buyer and the Webshop are unable to solve their dispute, the buyer has every right to turn to the Consumer Dispute Commission. The Commission is competent to resolve the claims between the Webshop and the buyer. Reviewing a complaint is free of charge.

The buyer has the right to turn to the consumer dispute platform of the EU.